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Developing socio-emotional skills in a
safe and trusting environment


Since 1999 Bridget O'Farrell has run over 1 800 Group Therapy sessions with children and adolescents. Group Therapy is a technique used to help children develop appropriate socio-emotional skills by allowing them to: 

  • Master social interactions through forming and maintaining healthy relationships.

  • Practice effective communication in terms of reading cues, listening to others and expressing themselves.

  • Identify a feeling vocabulary to encourage expression of self.

  • Learn healthy ways to cope with feelings, and to express them in an acceptable manner.

  • Promote feeling of self-worth and strengthen self-esteem.

  • Develop insights into the choices they make and the impact it has on others around them.

  • Realise that others may be sharing the same experiences and that they are not alone.

Groups consist of between 8 to 10 children of similar age and/or developmental stage and are facilitated by Bridget and a co-facilitator for an hour, over a period of 15 weeks. The approach to each session is flexible and dynamic in that it draws from the specific needs identified for each child in the group, as well as the opportunities presented by the children's interactions with each other. Group Therapy sessions include children from a wide range of schools across Cape Town, referred by psychiatrists, psychologists, school teachers, OTs, physiotherapists, speech therapists, school counsellors and parents. Some of the challenges experienced by children that attend Group Therapy may include attention difficulties, social anxiety, behavioural difficulties, and autism.


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Newlands Scout Hall

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