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Feedback from Colleagues

Janet Freemantle

Social Worker

April 2019

I am a registered Social Worker, and have worked as a school counselor for the last 20 years at Springfield Convent Junior and Senior, Western Province Preparatory School. And Auburn House Montessori School.

In all the years that I have worked in a school setting, I have referred many children to Bridget’s Social Skills Groups. Whatever the issue is that children might need help with, be it shyness or an inclination to bully their peers, or difficulty making friends and finding a group to fit in with, Bridget skillfully and carefully forms groups to help each child learn appropriate social skills, and gain insight into their own behaviour.

During 2017 and 2018, I recommended to the principals at Springfield Convent Junior, and Auburn House that Bridget come to the school and run groups with the children as part of their Life skills programme. Each year brings particular challenges, academically and socially, but grades 3 to 7 are particularly important years for children to develop their social skills, as the influence of the peer group becomes more important in their lives. At Springfield Bridget worked with the grade 3 and 4 classes, and at Auburn House with the grade 4 groups. I co-facilitated with Bridget at Springfield, and this was an opportunity to really see her in action. Bridget is highly skilled as a facilitator, and picks up on every detail as the groups session unfolds, responding with empathy at all times. Each session is well planned, and she brings a variety of props and video clips which the children love, and which make each session fun. Many children described the Social Skills groups as the highlight of the week. Bridget planned each session yet was always able to be flexible, so that if something had happened that impacted on the children`s lives, she could adapt and incorporate that in the session.

Social Emotional learning is such an important part of each child`s development, and incorporating a Social Skills group into the school curriculum seems essential. Bridget is warm and open, children relate easily to her, and she has the experience and expertise to offer groups tailored to the needs of all age groups.

I highly recommend her.

Feedback from Clients

Group Therapy Parent


Good Afternoon Bridget

The sessions with you and the rest of the group have been so beneficial for XXX, and I'm so grateful for them. I'm hopeful he'll be able to attend today.

Online Group Therapy Parent


Dear Bridget


Thank you so much for continuing with the social therapy online. XXX has remembered many things that you have taught her - e.g. identifying the red beast.  She’s almost ready to start applying the solution now - not feed it and to apply anger management methods.


When I ask her what did Bridget teach you, she remembers, and is realising that there is no other way out. 

Group Therapy Parent


Hi Bridget


Thanks so much for the session with XXX today. We've been playing a game at mealtimes where we each get a guess at what each other's favourite part of the day was. XXX was his session with you!! You beat a movie, iPad time, finishing his book and reading on Gran's kindle!

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